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Welcome to, Professioal Forex Trading by Carlos Diaz.

Hi, my name is Carlos Diaz, better known as OMEGAVUS in the forex world. In this site you can find more information about my background and links to most of my forex related sites.
My main focus, is to offer, very specific forecast signal service to the forex community, as well as consulting , personal coaching  and mentoring  to the online trading community. My trading system and methodology was derived from years of intensive analysis and multiple trading methodologies and hundreds of hours of testing. This led me to combine the best techniques from the best of all of my mentor's techniques into one amazing system. 

Although the risk of loss will always exists in the Futures & Forex trading, my methodology, seeks to introduce, to the new as well as seasoned Traders, on how to achieve consistent returns and above average capital appreciation, through precise speculative day trading aproach on every market intended to participate in.

Once again, Thank You for visiting and I hope to be of great help,  if your intention is to evolve in Forex Trading or any other market arena.

Yours in Success

Carlos "omegavus" Diaz